Tymek Borowski

Summer 2019


Opening: Friday, September 20, 5-9 p.m. (as a part of Warsaw Gallery Weekend)

Exhibition: September 20 - November 23

  Flyer   Tymek Borowski’s exhibition will present his paintings created since the beginning of 2019. After dealing with digital works, animations and collective actions, the artist has consciously and self-reflectively returned to easel oil painting. In his work with the traditional medium, he uses the previous experience of virtual spaces, artistic cooperations and current ideas shaping contemporary culture. Borowski’s latest canvases mainly include portraits, often inspired by faces of specific people. A point of departure can be provided by an anonymous photographic image found on the Internet as well as a picture of a colleague from an adjoining studio. Emotions expressed in a photograph are so multidimensional that the artist distils them and translates into a number of abstract representations. Some people are depicted time and again. A few orders mix here – Internet photography, Borowski's private artistic and intellectual fascinations and easel painting, balancing between abstraction, representation and the matter of image.