Krzysztof Zarebski

An artist whose work encompasses inter media and multimedia art, performances, film making, refined aesthetic photography, assemblages, objects and installations, painting, as well as creating set design. Born 1939 in Warsaw; he studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw during the years 1962-1968. He is one of the pioneers and most prominent representatives of performance art in Poland, which he’s actively been engaged in since 1971. One of the most characteristic features of his art is to take, in a very brave manner, issues of the body, eroticism and sexuality, becoming more and more provocative with time, combined with performances and an aesthetic celebration of sublimated perversion and also lust, during which he utilizes fascinating, created by himself, requisite-fetishes of different kinds. From the beginning, music has always been a very important element of his performance, which appears in them in a variety of forms: from recordings on various media to music that is realized in collaboration with musicians and composers. In his performances the artist often appears with models, actresses, dancers and actors; sometimes in duet with his wife or his daughter.


(Excerpt from “Medea in a Bath” press release, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, 2013)




1969 – Salon Debiutow Gallery, Warsaw

1970 – Gallery 10, Warsaw

1972 – Curtain, the WarsawUniversity Gallery, Warsaw

Paintings and documentation 1970-1971, BWA Gallery, Lublin, Poland

IntuitiveCooperation, Sigma Club, Warsaw

1973 – Galeria Wspolczesna (MPiK Club), Warsaw

Labirynt Gallery, Lublin, Poland

Znak Gallery, Bialystok, Poland

Osmosis, Remont Gallery, Warsaw

1974 – Dialogue, Repassage Gallery, Warsaw

Cosmetics Corner, Remont Gallery, Warsaw

Art HistoricalMuseum, Kamien Pomorski, Poland

Zones of Contact, Remont Gallery, Warsaw

The Freezing of Sound, Bureau de la Poesie (Biuro Poezji), Warsaw

1975 – VanersborgMuseum, Vanersborg, Sweden

1976 – Labirynt Gallery, Lublin, Poland

1977 – WarmAir, Repassage Gallery, Warsaw

1978 – Labirynt Gallery, Lublin, Poland

1979 – Galeria Krytykow (presented by Wojciech Skrodzki), Warsaw

1980 – Dzialania, Gallery “M”, Warsaw

1985 – Freddie The Dreamer Gallery, New York City

Zones with Bridges (FrozenErection) (with Krystyna Jachniewicz), NADA Gallery, New York City

1988 – NOW Gallery, New York City

Tobe Art Gallery, New York City

1989 – Onetwentyeight Gallery, New York City

1990 – PAAS Gallery, New York City

1992 – Documantation 1972 – 1992 and art installation, CSW – Centre for Contemporary

Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

Krzysztof Zarebski.Installation (With Sound and Leeches), Labirynt 2 Gallery, Lublin, Poland

1996 – Fingernails on Parade – Call Girls, ZachetaNational Gallery, Warsaw

1999 – WaterNymphs, Pardo Sheehan Gallery, New York City

WaterNymphs, Grodzka Gallery, Lublin, Poland

2003 – Krzysztof Zarebski’sFilms and Videos 1972 – 2003, CSW – Centre for Contemporary

Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

2004 – Krzysztof Zarebski.New Works, Roshkowska Gallery, Windham, USA

2008 – Dedykacje, XX1 Gallery, Warsaw

2009 – VOLTA NY (Art NEW media Gallery), New York City

Krzysztof Zarebski `70. ErotematySlabnacego Erosa, Art NEW media Gallery, Warsaw

Lustishis Flower, Galeria Bielska BWA, Bielsko-Biala, Poland

One night show, foyer of Martin E.SegalTheatre Center, New York City

2010 – Alicja Zebrowska and Krzysztof Zarebski, Manhattan Gallery, Lodz, Poland

Filogeneza, ODA Gallery, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland

2012 – Priap’s Garden – installation, video, art objects, CREON Gallery, New York City

2013 – Krzysztof Zarebski: Photographs 1972 – 2012, CREON Gallery, New York City



1968 – Student Paintings of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Helsinki

1969 – Debiut Absolwentow, Stara Kordegarda Gallery, Warsaw

Ogolnopolska wystawa mlodego malarstwa, BWA Gallery, Rzeszow, Poland

1970 – MlodePedy, BWA Gallery, Lublin, Poland

Informacja. Wyobraznia. Dzialanie, Galeria Wspolczesna, Warsaw

Swiatlo i Dzwiek, Gallery “10”, Warsaw

III Festiwal Sztuk Pieknych, CBWA Zacheta, Warsaw

V Festiwal Polskiego Malarstwa Wspolczesnego, Szczecin, Poland

1971 – Portret Czlowieka, CBWA Zacheta, Warsaw

Porownania IV. XXIV Festiwal Sztuk Plastycznych, BWA Gallery, Sopot, Poland

Art – demography 2000, Arsenal Gallery, Poznan, Poland

Wystawa Mlodych – Galeria Wspolczesna, Warszawa

Ruch – polishcontemporary art, Teatr Wielki, Warsaw

Zlote Grono, BWA Gallery, Zielona Gora, Poland

1972 – PolishContemporary Art, Helsinki

AutumnConfrontations, Dom Sztuki, Rzeszow, Poland

Plakat Autorski, Galeria Wspolczesna (MPiK Club), Warsaw

1973- VIII Biennale Mlodych, Paris

Porownania 5. XXVI Festiwal Sztuk Plastyczych”, BWA Gallery, Sopot, Poland

Salon WAG, BWA Gallery, Szczecin, Poland

Polish Art, Buenos Aires

Biennale Form Przestrzennych, Elblag, Poland

1974 – International GraphicBiennial,Krakow, Poland

Nowa Generacja, Muzeum Narodowe, Wroclaw, Poland

1975 – 7 Artists from Poland, Konsthall, Malmö, Sweden

1976 – Festiwal Sztuk Pieknych, CBWA Zacheta, Warsaw

International GraphicBiennial, Krakow, Poland

1977 – Body as a Visual Language, Maki Gallery, Tokyo

Projects/Performanceses – Czechoslovakia/Poland, Hallwalls Gallery, Buffalo, USA

1978 – Performance and body, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin, Poland

Performance Art festival, Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Hommage to Andrzej Matynia, Galeria Krytykow, Warsaw

1979 – Words and Works, De Appel Gallery, Amsterdam

Erotyka, ZPAP Gallery, Warsaw

1980 – MDM Gallery, Warsaw

International GraphicBiennial, Krakow, Poland

From Contemplation to Meditation, Palac Sztuki, Krakow

Sytuacja pogranicza,Zak Gallery (BWA), Gdansk, Poland

MOHAMMED, Centro di ComunicazioneRistretta, Genova, Italy

1981 – IX Spotkania Krakowskie, Pawilon Wystawowy BWA, Krakow, Poland

II International Triennial of Drawing, Wroclaw, Poland

Ogrod Poznania, MDM Gallery, Warsaw

1983 – Kunststation, Kleinsassen, Germany

1984 – Musical Instruments by Artists, Public Image Gallery, New York City

Conspiracies, Limbo, New York City

East VillageArtists Go West, Castways Gallery, New York City

Friends, NO SE NO Gallery, New York City

Nada Gallery, New York City

Nurt intelektualny w sztuce polskiej po Drugiej Wojnie Swiatowej, BWA Gallery, Lublin, Poland

1985 – Heroine Show, The World, New York City

Variety,`A` Gallery, New York City

Freddie The Dreamer Gallery, New York City

Sculpture Inside-Out, NO SE NO Gallery, New York City

ABC No Rio, New York City

The Rivington School NO SE NO Gallery, New York City

Mini Max, NOW Gallery, New York City

EasternEuropeans in New York, El Bohio Gallery, New York City

Apartment Art, SixthSense Gallery, New York City

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Cracked Mirror 2, Nico Smith Gallery, New York City

1987 – The Late Show Disciples, NO SE NO Gallery, New York City

The Second Coming, DramatisPersonae Gallery, New York City

Rivington School Show, Onetwentyeight Gallery, New York City

Eye of a Storm, Tamura Gallery, Tokio; Art Space lesBois, Osaka

Artist Space, Nishinomiya, Japan

International Contemporary Art Exhibition, City Museum, Osaka

1988 – OKI Gallery, Innsbruck

Works from suitcases, Dziekanka Gallery, Warsaw

Rivington School Show, Onetwentyeight Gallery, New York City

1989 – The RivingtonSchooL, AFR Fine Arts, Washington DC, USA

Open House Gallery, New York City

1990 – Museum Modern Art, Huenfeld, Germany

3 artists show, Studio Gallery Bedford Hills, New York

1991 – Jestesmy, Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw

New York Diary: Almost 25 DifferentThings, PS1 Museum, New York

Coniunctio 2000.Art as Alchemyinto the 21st Century, Cb’s 313 Gallery, New York City

Flying Possibility, Morina Gallery, New York City

Contemporary American Baroque, Cb’s 313 Gallery, New York City

Sztuka Performance, Galeria Stara, BWA, Lublin, Poland

1992 – Beauty, Michael Kazan’sTownhouse of Beauty, New York City

Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York City

1993 – BlastedBodies/Wasted Wonder, Gas Station, New York City

Redtape Magazine #7, USA club, New York City

Repassage, Repassage 2, Sigma, Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw

Top 5.5 Sculpteurs de Pologne, Marseille, France

Galerie Labirynt prezentuje Andrzej Mroczek, Galeria Bez Drzwi, Chelm Lubelski, Poland

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20-lecie programu artystycznego Galerii Labirynt, BWA Gallery, Lublin, Poland

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The DeviantPlayground, CSV Cultural Center, New York City

VI International Triennial of Drawing. Art as Thought, Art as Energy, Wroclaw, Poland

1996 – InauguralExhibition, Pardo Wiev Gallery, New York City

Sculptor’sDrawings, Pardo View Gallery, New York City

TaBBou, Onetwentyeight Gallery, New York City

1997 – Heat, Pardo Wiev Gallery, New York City

Condensation, Pardo View Gallery, New York City

Focus on Poland, Anderson Center For The Arts, Binhampton, USA

Generations, ZachetaNational Gallery, Warsaw

1998 – Cyber Recycling, The Piano Store, New York City

One on One Part 2, Max Fish, New York City

Sourpuss, Abraham Lubelski Gallery, New York City

Text no Text. Mallarme’sEffect on Artists, Tompkins College Center Gallery, Allentown, USA

1999 – Rewind/Fast Forward, Onetwentyeight Gallery, New York City

Universal Comunicativity, Onetwentyeight Gallery, New York City

2001 – Express Art from New York, Lattuada Gallery, Milan, Italy

2002 – AutonomousConceptualMovement in Poland, BWA Gallery, Lublin, Poland

2003 – ComportementEnergetique, Galerie Satellite, Paris, France

Inside the Cooler, Cooler Gallery, White River Junction, USA

Transfusion, FusionArtsMuseum, New York City

2004 – Malewicz w Polsce, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, Poland

BWA Collection, Labirynt 2 Gallery, Lublin, Poland

2005 – Botany 5000, The Lab Gallery, New York City

Fidusiewicz and Friends, OlimpicEducation Center, Warsaw

2006 – Plastic Fantastic, The ShoreInstitute of Contemporary Art, LongBranch, USA

Hot Summer of Philocracy, Silent Space Gallery, Kingston, USA

1,2,3…Awangarda, Eksperyment, Film, Sztuka, Archiwum, CSW – Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

2007 – Aleksander JachniewiczPresents: Krystyna Jachniewicz and Krzysztof Zarebski

            1981 – 2007,Shandelee Studio, Shandelee, USA

Dowcip i Wladza Sadzenia. Asteizm w Polsce, Galeria Program, Warsaw

Poza, Real Art Ways, Hartford, USA

Redtape Magazine, 25th Anniversary, Tribes Gallery, New York City

On Ice, Lafayette College Art Gallery, Easton, PA, USA

FreshView, Art for Healing, New York City

2008 – 1,2,3…Avant-Gardes.Film/Artbetween Experiment and Archive,Tate Modern,


KRAJ: sztuka artystow z polskim rodowodem, Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej, Opole, Poland

Mazowiecki Festiwal Artystow.Powstanie Sztuki-Radom 2008, Elektrownia – Centre for Contemporary Art, Radom, Poland

Screening I: Quilt of Projections, 15 Corson Gallery, New York

Screening II: Screen Test Ad Infinitum, 15 Corson Gallery, New York

Supernovas: A Modern Survey, The Kymara Gallery, Biddeford, Maine, USA

2009 – International Collection of Contemporary Art 5, CSW – Centre for Contemporary

Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

ShitCorner:NoExcuses.Small Works SummerExhibitions.AYear in Review, 15 Corson Gallery, New York

2010 – Post Gogol.TheSilentAbsence of the Body, SLAG Gallery, New York City

Works from the BWA – Lublin Collection, Towarzystwo Zacheta Sztuki Wspolczesnej, Lwow, Ukraine

2012 – DisturbedImages.CUT in art, Museum of Imagination, Hudson, New York

DisturbedImages.CUT in art part 2Museum of Imagination, Hudson, New York

Mois de la Photo a Paris, Galerie Roi Dore, Paris, France

Whereis PERMAFO?,WroclawContemporaryMuseum, Wroclaw, Poland

Emart Gallery, New York

2013 – 11 Warszawskie Targi Sztuki w Arkadach Kubickiego, Warsaw

2014 – Report on the Construction of a Spaceship Module, New Museum, New York City

2015 – The wild west. A history of wrocław’savant-garde, ZachetaNational Gallery,       Warsaw