Leon Tarasewicz

(born 1957)

Painter, visual artist. He is a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, with a degree in the studio of Prof. Tadeusz Dominik (1984). Since 1996, he has run a painting studio at his alma mater.
He debuted in 1984 with an exhibition at Warsaw’s Foksal Gallery. In his work, he firmly rejects all allusiveness, avoiding the painterly “literature” and leaving his paintings untitled. In recent years, he has been creating “total” paintings, artistic environments that claim the entire exhibition space. He represented Poland at the 49th Venice Biennale. Laureate of the Paszport Polityki award(2000), the Jan Cybis Prize (2000), the Nowosielski Foundation Prize, The Gieysztor Prize (2018) and many others.