Jacek Sempoliński
Mikołaj Smoczyński
Bartosz Kokosiński

No More Objects for the Picture

September 26  –  November 14, 2015

Exhibition of works from three artists, namely Jacek Sempoliński, Mikołaj Smoczyński and Bartosz Kokosińśki, is the venture ‘directed’ by Robert Kuśmirowski. Sempoliński’s paintings, Smoczyński’s photographs and painting objects from Kokosiński juxtaposed together bear witness to three radical approaches to art in which the idea or the status of the Painting are at stake. The artistic output is complemented here with a set of simple wooden forms left by Mikołaj Smoczyński at Kuśmirowski’s studio. Those raw, implicit materials are the starting moment – an ABC for further gestures in the creation process.

Rich output of from the two former outstanding artists is closer to one another: Mikołaj Smoczyński died in 2009, Jacek Sempoliński passed away in 2012. Putting aside formal differences between artistic practices employed by both authors, we can very clearly see a common territory they shared. This is an area filled with honesty (truth) towards art and with struggles aiming at reaching the very essence of what painting and paintings are, as well as the individual discourse with this medium.


The youngest participant of the exhibition, i.e. Bartosz Kokosiński reflects in his art on the phenomenon of the painting, asking the question about its status and significance one more time. He is not interested in the illustrative aspect of the painting medium, but in the very process of painting, physicality of the matter that the painting is made of. (…)

Ewa Gorządek